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Pastor Rick Brooks & Karen

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My family’s move from Denver, CO, to Searcy in 1997  was stepping into a new phase of life and ministry that has been both a thrilling and stretching endeavor.  My wife, Karen, and son, Aaron have worked alongside me in the ministry here and we are still happy, 18 years later, about the decision to follow the Lord in making Searcy our new home and place of ministry. ​


After four years of college, serving as an associate pastor in two different churches, with 16 years of ministry completed, planting a new church in Searcy was an exciting adventure, but not an easy one.  In all honesty, my education in Bible college was just the beginning of my learning about ministry!  I really believe that I have absorbed much more Scripture and practical ministry learning by the daily “hands-on” indoctrination of the demands of the Lord’s work.  My love for study, application, preaching, soul winning, shepherding, and discipleship has deepened through the duties of pastoral ministry here at Liberty Baptist Church in a way that has connected me to the Lord and to people that perhaps would not have happened in any other way. 


I thank God for putting me in the ministry and I have the privilege of inspiring my son, Aaron, who works close by my side in music, youth, technological applications, and preaching, to follow the Lord in a similar way!  There was some question as to whether an independent Baptist church and preacher could weather the storm of the Searcy spiritual climate, but after celebrating 22 years of ministry here, Liberty is reaching new heights of attainment and acceptance in our community and in our world missions programs.

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